The design premise, upon which the residence was overriding formulated, was firmly implanted within the realms of an ‘organic’ form of architecture, commensurate with its natural and verdant setting on the Port Hacking Waterway.

The concept adopts the fundamental principle of ‘the site’, with an extended central rectilinear axis which is concealed largely from direct site lines, below ground level. The plan geometry of the residence disseminates or ‘flowers’ perpendicularly in an open, organic flow from its central axis.

The external form reflects a principle of ‘shelter’ and ‘cover’ by providing broad horizontal overhanging eaves suspended above expanses of glass, stone and water. The vertical elements of the building envelope appear to propagate from the sites natural rock, or stone base, and ground the building within the natural slope as if it belongs to the very nature of the site.

Architecture Team: Cameron Jones | Greg Jones | Mark Phillips | Luke Burden | Tony Taouk | Keith McInnes

Photography: Prue Ruscoe | Keith McInnes